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Adobe Flash 10.1 hands-on: See what the iPhone is missing

It’s annoying visiting websites on a mobile phone browser and not being able to access Flash-based content, such as videos and games, properly. Currently the best mobile Flash experience is delivered by the Nokia N900, which supports Flash 9.4 but in the near future many more phones will offer a full Flash experience.

Mark Doherty from Adobe visited our offices recently to show us Flash 10.1 in all its glory. As you’ll see in our video not only does Flash 10.1 allow you to watch videos within the Nexus One’s browser, it also gives you access to Flash-based games. Flash 10.1 will be supported by a variety of phones coming out this year.

It’s important to note that certain Flash sites will have to be optimised to be used properly on mobile phones.

We asked Mark how Flash 10.1 affects battery life and he explained that depending on what you’re doing battery life will vary. He said that he used Flash 10.1 throughout the day and didn’t encounter any battery issues. Watch our video to see it in action. The demo was done using Wi-Fi.