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Advanced venue search with Google Maps and Places for Android

The most recent update for Google Maps is easily the best one yet as it comes with Google’s new Places app integration.

Similar to services like Yelp and Qype, Places allows you to search for restaurants, cash machines, petrol stations, shops… basically whatever you’re looking for. But the difference is that you can do everything from within the one app – when you’ve found one, you can click to see where it is in Maps, look for it on StreetView or get turn-by-turn directions using Navigation if you’re driving.

What’s more, you can call the venue straight from the app and make a reservation/buy tickets without having to Google for the number like you normally would. Other useful information like opening times and customer reviews are all listed with the search results.

When you download the update, you’ll see the red Places icon in your app launcher. If you don’t already have Google Maps on your Android phone, just search for ‘Google Maps’ in the Market or click the link below on your phone’s browser. The Places app will be included in the download.

Google Maps for Mobile 4.4 is available now for Android 1.6 and above, with an update for BlackBerry phones rolling out soon.

[Source: Google]


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