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All-metal 2015 Nexus phones leak reveals possible HTC influence

Huawei and LG are each working on a new Nexus phone for Google, to be launched later in 2015, and the latest internet leak reveals that both Nexus phones could be heavily influenced by past HTC handsets.

Twitter tipster @OnLeaks just posted up some details on the new Huawei and LG Nexus phones, mostly focusing on the design of the handsets. And with both mobiles apparently packing metal frames, comparisons with HTC’s One range are already inevitable.

Factor in front-facing speakers on both new Nexus models, which we’re expecting to be stereo blasters positioned above and below the screen, and HTC’s influence seems to be strong.

The Huawei Nexus is the beast of the pair, packing a ‘likely 5.7-inch screen’. That makes it almost as huge as last year’s Nexus 6, which was pointlessly large. However, the 5.2-inch LG Nexus is chunkier, at a whopping 9.8mm versus the 8.5mm Huawei. So, neither of these phones are going for slim and light, it seems.

Both 2015 Nexus phones will also pack a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner if OnLeaks’ info is accurate, just like the HTC One Max. Let’s just hope that they’re less frustrating to use.

Here’s the tweets in full, and we’ll find out if they’re on the money when the Nexus phones launch later this year.


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