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‘All New HTC One’ name and camera features confirmed

The ‘All New HTC One’ has its new name confirmed, along with the main uses for those dual cameras, in a leaked brochure page. Here’s everything you need to know about HTC’s new flagship phone…

Looks like The All New HTC One is sticking with that name, according to a Telstra (Australian carrier) brochure page that’s leaked online via GSMArena. The Telstra page (shown in its entirety at the bottom of the article) confirms a number of features, including some HTC Sense 6.0 tools (including tap-to-wake), and some of the funky new dual camera features.

All New HTC One features revealed

Starting with the basic design shenanigans, The All New HTC One will feature the same metal build as the original smartphone, but this time pack a larger 5-inch screen. The dual BoomSound speakers make a welcome return, pumping audio directly at your face, and of course we have two camera lenses around back now, referred to as ‘Duo Camera’.

The main reason for the extra lens appears to be greater control over post-edit, as expected. As the brochure puts it, “Choose where to focus, highlight what you love, soften backgrounds”. This means the lenses will take indpendent shots of the foreground and background, and you can choose which sections to keep sharp and which to blur before you save the final snap. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has a similar feature called ‘Selective Focus’, but this relied on the single lens taking several shots in a row, which took a fair bit of time and yielded mixed results.

The dual lenses will also allow you to “add 3D effects” apparently, which brings back memories of the LG Optimus 3D and HTC Evo 3D phones. Those mobiles also rocked dual cameras, and while the 3D photos they produced were a pretty cool gimmick, it only worked because the phones had 3D screens for instantly viewing back your snaps. It’ll be interesting to see how the 3D stuff is implemented in the All New HTC One.

There’s also confirmation that the latest Sense 6.0 will support double-tapping the screen to wake the phone, something seen recently on LG’s line-up, including the LG G Flex.

The All New HTC One is listed at $840 AUS, which is £457 directly translated. Of course, that doesn’t take into account tax and other levies, but we’re expecting the phone to cost roughly £500 when it hits the UK. Check back on March 25 for our full coverage and hands-on review of The All New HTC One.

All New HTC One features name and specs confirmed in leak


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