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All we want this Christmas is for Nintendo and Nokia to make a baby

There’s one mobile phone partnership that we pray for every day – Nintendo and Nokia, aka Nokintendo. Before you scoff, take a moment to consider the following facts:

• The iPhone has proved that mobile phone gaming works and that many people like it. It’s estimated that Apple app store games are being downloaded in the hundreds of thousands.

• Recently Mashable ran an online poll asking people what portable gaming system they preferred and the iPhone and iPod Touch won with 36%, beating the DS and PSP.

• When Nokia ran a video showing Nintendo games running on an N900 people loved it – Nintendo not so much. It proved that people want Nintendo games on phones though.

• Nintendo has sold over 100 million DS units since March 2005 and Nokia sold 472 million devices last year alone. These companies know their markets well.

• Nintendo and Nokia’s design approach shares a lot of similarities and they could learn a lot from each other, especially when it comes to user interfaces and hardware design.

• It would be cool. Aside from playing Mario games on it, imagine if you could use your Nokintendo as a Wiimote, or to play a GoldenEye augmented reality game – happy times.

• Finally, yes we know Nintendo said that “telephony is not in our wheelhouse,” but it is in Nokia’s “wheelhouse”. Nintendo you can relax while Nokia does all the complex phone bits.

In conclusion, please make the Nokintendo, it’s what we want in 2010 and we think it would kick ass. Think of the children – and the adults – who love Mario and mobiles.