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Where can I buy Android apps from? Amazon Appstore launches in the UK

If you own an Android phone you’ll typically buy apps directly from the Google Play Store. Now you’ll soon be able to buy Android apps from the Amazon Appstore, which has finally launched in the UK.

The Amazon Appstore has been available in the US for a while offering thousands off apps, the advantage of shopping with Amazon is that payments are tied to your Amazon account, which is useful if you are a regular Amazon shopper, it supports 1-Click payments and you can read customer reviews.

Amazon isn’t the only third-party app store. GetJar is the largest free app store, with over 350,000 apps, it’s totally independent, available throughout the world and funded by advertising.

Amazon app store and Get Jar

Why use an alternative app store?

Third-party app stores often have deals – such as free apps – or incentives to make you shop again.

Amazon has a Free App of the Day programme, which will be available to UK customers. Over the last year Amazon has given away premium apps like Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons.

GetJar uses a virtual currency – GetJar Gold – to reward customers. The more apps you download, the more currency you get, which can be spent on premium apps. GetJar isn’t just for Android, it’s also for iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian phones, with support for over 2300 phones. 

How much do apps cost?

All apps on GetJar are free, this means that there will be some advertising. Apps from the Amazon Appstore are a similar price to the Google Play Store as you can see from this selection:

Angry Birds Seasons: Google Play Store: Free, Amazon App Store: 0.63p
Jamie’s 20 minute meals: Google Play Store: £4.99, Amazon App Store: £5.09
Cut the Rope: Google Play Store: 0.62p, Amazon App Store: £0.63
Swiftkey 3 Keyboard: Google Play Store £2.99, Amazon App Store: £2.54

How do I buy apps from Amazon or GetJar app store?

Android 'unknown sources' box

By default as a security precaution, your Android phone won’t let you download non-Google Play store applications, so make sure Unknown sources is checked.

One a smartphone running Gingerbread do this by going to Settings – Applications, on an ICS phone go to Settings – Security.

To download apps from the Amazon Appstore visit the Amazon Appstore on a PC and enter your phone number or email address, alternatively visit on your phone.

Whichever way you choose, you’ll be sent a download link to a small program. Once installed, enter your Amazon account details and you’re ready to go.

GetJar: Like Amazon you need to install a separate program on your device, which you can do by visiting

GetJar only shows compatible apps, many of which come from the Google Play Store. Because apps are free you don’t need to enter any personal details (which will appeal to the security conscious), 


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