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Amazing Spiders invading your iPad… in HD!

As far as we’re concerned, there’s only one correct attitude to take concerning spiders: fear them.

They might look benign, spinning their webs and glinting in the sunlight. But given half a chance, they’ll mate with a deadly foreign spider and overrun your house, attacking you from lampshades, slippers and shower-heads with gay abandon.

Or maybe we’ve just watched Arachnaphobia one too many times.

Anyway, some people love spiders, marvelling at their creepy-crawly ways. Amazing Spider HD is an iPad app for them. It gives you your own pet spider(s) to watch, dragging it around the screen, dropping in ants and bugs for it to eat, and shaking the device to make it jump.

It’s a novelty app, yes. But if you’re of the ‘two/four legs good, eight legs better’ mind, it might be worth a look.


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