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Amazon adds barcode scanner to iPhone app, scanning joy commences

Amazon’s already impressive iPhone app has just received the brilliant addition of a barcode scanner. This is meant to be used as you’re out and about browsing the shops – you can simply scan the barcode of any item and Amazon will match it to its inventory. We expect that Amazon often comes out the cheaper option.

This is how you’re supposed to use the scanner, sure, but you can also scan stuff you already have. I, for example, have just spent a happy forty-three minutes scanning my DVD collection. Well, a shelf’s-worth of it. I’m happy to report it works splendidly even on things I’d bought in America (although it finds you the US-import).

With this new barcode scanner alongside Amazon’s Remembers tool which finds a product similar to one you snap a picture of, it has become quite the formidable m-commerce app. Unfortunately, it will only work on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 as it needs the camera autofocus to read barcodes accurately.


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