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Amazon Android shopping app: Buy stuff on your Android phone with 1-Click purchasing

How does being able to buy stuff from Amazon on your Android phone sound? Amazing? Potentially dangerous? The best thing you’ve ever heard? has just released its latest Android shopping app, one that allows you to sign in with your existing Amazon account and buy things using the 1-Click purchase system.

This is pretty much the same as the equally impressive iPhone app, that we’ve been using to buy stuff on the go for a while now.

Again, as with the iPhone app, you can scan barcodes of products in stores, find out if they’re available and cheaper on Amazon, and away you go. Or, if you’re like us, scan in your DVD collection just for the hell of it.

You can also search for items within the app as you would on the site, and read customer reviews as normal. You can check your recommendations and access your Wish List directly from your phone too. Amazon Prime subscribers can also track purchases and amend orders through the app just you they would when ordering online like normal.

The Amazon App for Android is free to download from the Market now, and works on all Android devices.


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