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5 reasons the Amazon Anytime messenger app could kill WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger

Amazon’s Anytime messenger app is apparently about to launch for Android smartphones, iPhones and lots of other devices, offering the ultimate way to stay in touch with friends and family. Here’s how Anytime could realistically kill the competition, to emerge as the only essential messaging app.

Amazon is reportedly working on one messaging service to rule them all, known as Anytime. This service will hopefully arrive later in 2017, to allow us all to communicate across an impressive range of platforms. Just one reason why services like WhatsApp, Apple iMessage and Facebook Messenger should already be worried.

Here are our five top reasons Amazon Anytime is here to shake up the messaging world.

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Amazon Anytime will work across all of your devices

Amazon Anytime will allegedly work across desktop and mobile gadgetry of all forms, including Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and more.

That’s a feature already offered by some of its rivals of course, with the likes of WhatsApp sporting its own web client. However, Anytime should stretch even further, with full support for the Echo family of course. That means hands-free conversations over the web, at any time.

Amazon Anytime will be social media friendly

Users will be able to get the best of both worlds with Anytime, which is apparently designed to work like a messaging app as well as a social media platform.

Much like on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll be able to @mention tag and filter content. How exactly this will work isn’t too clear right now, although finding threads will hopefully be a lot easier and more open than current offerings.

Amazon Anytime is multimedia and even games friendly

What self-respecting messaging service offers anything less than full multimedia content these days? That’s why Amazon will also need to offer messaging, photos, video and audio sharing on its Anytime service.

Since Amazon runs a large chunk of the internet with its servers, it should have more than enough bandwidth to offer a seriously fast and expansive service that could mean higher quality image and video sharing. It could also mean a really stable and clear video calling platform – ideal for the Echo Show.

There is also word about playing games across messages with friends. How complex these will be remains to be seen. We’re thinking of those Facebook Messenger games, which now includes a wide range of titles including classics such as pool and Words With Friends. However, the ability to compete against your buddies with more complex action titles 

Colour code conversations

One nice touch is the ability to colour code conversations as you please. This could make organising groups and chats far easier for at-a-glance access.

This could also be a nice way to know you’re replying to the right person each time. No more accidentally sending a reply to the person you’re talking about, before much egg on face apologies. One for the haters, then?

Amazon Anytime lets you plan your life

Amazon apparently wants to offer more than a simple messaging service. Instead it wants Anytime to offer full life assistance. Which let’s face it, many of us seriously need.

From booking a table at a restaurant to shopping, you’ll be able to access it all more easily via the Anytime app. Of course this will likely be already established Amazon services and sounds like an extension of what the Alexa AI already offers. Which means it makes perfect sense as an inclusion, and a strong reason for switching to Anytime.


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