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Amazon Appstore to launch on 22nd of March with Angry Birds Rio and paid ad-free Angry Birds

In something of a major coup (sorry) Amazon has nabbed exclusivity of Angry Birds Rio for Android.

The latest edition of Angry Birds, based on the forthcoming movie Rio, will feature 60 new levels with “more content to follow via app updates”. So it’s a full proper sequel of sorts and not just a quick movie cash-in. You can get a glimpse of what Rio’s levels look like in the YouTube video below.

In a tweet last night, Rovio also revealed that Rio will be coming to iPhones on the 22nd of March as well. So to clarify, Amazon is getting exclusivity on the Android version of the game.

In other news, Amazon will be selling ad-free versions of both Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons for Android phones.

Previously, both of these titles had been made available free to download from either Getjar or the Android Market. Though the free editions of both games gave you the full set of levels, the experience was hampered somewhat by the inclusion of adverts.

While we’re all for punters being able to pay for an ad free gaming experience, there had better be a way to upgrade from the free version that doesn’t see us losing all of our three stars. We’re not sure if we’ll want to play through all of Poached Eggs again

We’ve contacted Amazon for more information about the Appstore and how you’ll go about paying for and downloading the games and are waiting to hear back. In the meantime, you can sign up for updates here.

Source: Rovio


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