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Amazon cancelling Asus Transformer Prime pre-orders

Are supplies of the Asus Transformer Prime so limited that Amazon are beginning to cancel some pre-orders? That certainly seems to be the case, with rather unwelcome emails beginning to drop into certain customers inboxes as we edge ever closer to the release.

Amazon are informing customers via email that “due to a lack of availability from suppliers”, they’re having to cancel pre-orders. Amazon then followed up later on to clarify that it only means their particular supplier informed them the Transformer Prime wasn’t on offer.

So what does it all mean? If you remember the original Transformer launch, stock then was also limited and hard to come by, so we could be seeing a repeat of that situation. Having said that, Amazon is the only retailer to indicate that’s the case so far.

While the Transformer Prime may be dropping in America in the not too distant future, there’s still no word of a UK release – although the original Transformer did enjoy a few weeks head start over here back in April. It sure would be nice to see that again, huh Asus?

In the meantime, why not feast your eyes on the various hands-on videos from across the internets.

Source: Android and Me