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Amazon Cloud Player and Cloud Drive for Android: Another cool thing from Amazon that’s US Only

Today, Amazon’s Cloud Drive for Android touched down in the Android Market. And, from what we’re able to tell, it sounds really interesting.

The idea is that you get access to a personal cloud which you can fill up with MP3s which you can stream on your Android phone. Or, you can download them for offline play, a bit like you can already do with the Dropbox and ZumoDrive apps.

You get 5GB of free cloud storage for starters, which then increases to 20GB with the purchase of an MP3 album.

Plus with the built-in music player that comes with the most recent version of the Amazon MP3 app, it makes it a bit more like Spotify for Android. Spotify for Android with an MP3 shop built into it.

Sounds cool right? It does. Just a shame that it’s not available here yet.

Like the long-awaited Amazon App Store that arrived last week, the Cloud Player/Cloud Drive service is another cool thing from Amazon that’s US-only for the time being.

We’ve contacted Amazon to ask if and when this service will see the light of day over here and we’re waiting to hear back.

Amazon may have stolen a serious march on both Apple and Google with the release of Cloud Drive today.

Apple is thought to be introducing cloud-based music sharing at it’s WWDC event on the 6th of June as part of an upgrade to MobileMe.

Google was thought to have had its rumoured Sync Music feature sorted for its event on the 2nd of February – turns out that it didn’t, but the search giant is thought to instead be announcing this alongside its I/O event on the 10th and 11th of May.

Hopefully Amazon will and roll out Cloud Player and Cloud Drive to other markets before either Apple or Google do.


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