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Finally, Amazon Instant Video on iOS boasts HD and mobile streaming

Amazon has rolled out a much-needed update to its Prime Instant Video app for iOS, bringing essential features like HD support and cellular streaming.

The Amazon Instant Video 3.0 update should begin hitting iPhones and iPads today and will include HD streaming as well as the opportunity to watch a movie or show over a cellular connection, rather than limiting folk to WiFi.

The fact that, up until this point, Amazon’s Instant Video app only offered SD streaming and even that was only over WiFi, has been something of a ballache for iOS users. Even more so when you consider that rivals such as Netflix have supported high-def content for well over a year already.

Amazon’s update also allows users to stream their HD content to Apple TV using AirPlay, so you could realistically use your lovely unlimited 4G connection to stream gloriously crisp video to a big-screen if your WiFi is pants.

Of course, if you don’t have unlimited data on your current contract, you might want to set a limit on your device so you don’t soil yourself at unexpected horrific bills.

Amazon states that the new ‘best’ quality setting will demand 5.8GB of data for just one hour’s worth of viewing, which means that you’d be looking at approximately 16.5GB of data if you were to sit down and watch Interstellar in the highest quality HD.

Thankfully there are other quality settings too, if you want to avoid those horror bills. ‘Better’ will sap 1.8GB per hour, which is much lighter on your plan, but a couple of hours of Vikings is still likely to push you above your data cap. Bringing up the rear is the ‘good’ setting, which will tax you to the tune of 0.6GB an hour.

It might have taken Amazon a bloody age to get the iOS app right, but better late than never, right?

The 3.0 update is available in the App Store now.


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