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Amazon Kindle Fire HD: Priced and available in the UK from today

Amazon is finally bringing the Kindle Fire brand to the UK with the arrival of the Kindle Fire HD. The company unveiled a host of new tablets in September, which included the Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Paperwhite, both of which are hitting UK retailers today.

Kindle Fire HD 7-inch

What is the Kindle Fire?

Amazon saw great success following the launch of its Android-based tablet the Kindle Fire, just under a year ago. The 7-inch device saw favour from consumers thanks to its low cost, compact size and heavy integration of Amazon-based services and content, more Kindle than standard Android tablet in its execution. With the introduction of the Google Nexus 7, which offered similar functionality from Google but with improved hardware, the Kindle Fire suddenly didn’t appear as appealing a package.

Where will the Kindle Fire be available?

Despite its success in the US, Amazon never brought the device to the European market, its successor is the Kindle Fire HD: an upgraded version of the same tablet with improved hardware like a faster processor and better screen. Alongside Amazon directly, the Kindle Fire HD is also hitting a host of other UK retailers such as Tesco, Waterstones, Comet, PC World, Currys, Staples, Rymans, John Lewis and Carphone Warehouse.

What can we expect from the Kindle Fire HD?

Amazon is bringing the Kindle Fire HD to market as an improvement of its predecessor in practically every way. The HD arrives in two key forms; one with a 7-inch display and the other utilising an 8.9-inch display, the first looking to take on Google’s Nexus 7 tablet with the second gunning for Apple’s 4th-gen iPad.

Kindle Fire HD 7-inch spec

Internally Amazon says that the Kindle Fire HD will offer the best WiFi quality for speed and stability of any tablet, making use of two frequency bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz bands) and MIMO technology, something no other tablet currently offers.

For both size options the Fire HD uses a WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution IPS display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and a quad-core processor made by Texas Instruments.

When will the Kindle Fire HD be available?

Both new Android-based Kindles touch down today across the UK, so customers chomping at the bit to pick one up will be able to head to any of the retailers listed above stores or websites.

How much does the Kindle Fire HD cost?

The new standard Kindle Fire is available directly from Amazon for £129 with special offer or £139 without. The special offers in question are Amazon App and Bookstore related deals which would be displayed on your Kindle’s lockscreen.

The 7-inch Kindle Fire HD comes in with a range of prices, the cheapest being £159 for the 16GB model and £199 for the 32GB model, with both of those prices jumping up by an extra £10 if you choose to opt out of the Amazon’s special offer lockscreen advertising.



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