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Amazon Kindle Touch launched in NYC for $99

The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet wasn’t the only big news at Amazon’s New York press conference today. In addition to the super-cheap Android tablet, Amazon also announced the newest version of its regular Kindle e-readers, the Kindle Touch.

Now upgraded to include a full touch interface, the Kindle Touch retains the previous Kindles’ winning e-ink screen for easy reading, while freeing up more space on the device for the display now that the physical keyboard has been removed. For fans of the physical keyboard, Amazon also announced that there would be a new version of the e-reader that sticks closer to the current formula, which would sell for just $79 per unit.

While we’ve got nothing but love for Amazon and its Kindle, it’s these new low prices that are driving gadget blogs into a frenzy, with a $79 dollar Kindle slashing the price of the current Kindle 3 by half. Even more dramatic is the pricing on the Kindle Fire Tablet, which at $199 is under half the price of other Android tablets currently on the market. With Amazon providing all the content for its e-readers and new tablet – including apps, now – it’s in a better position than any other manufacturer to sell its devices at a loss while recouping the money in content sales. What does this mean for the other Android tablets of the world? Nothing good, we’d wager.

Source: Gizmodo


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