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Amazon rolls out unlimited storage for Cloud Drive, kicks sand in iCloud’s face, still not in the UK yet

Amazon has reportedly upgraded its Cloud Drive Player, giving punters who buy $20 worth of music unlimited cloud storage.

The Cloud Drive Player is a feature of the Amazon MP3 Player app that allows you to sling your playlists to the cloud for streaming, instead of having them sitting there on your phone, hogging storage space.

Previously, you’d only get 20GB of cloud-based virtual storage for your $20. As well as this, there was the option to buy more, 30GB for $30, 100GB for $100 and so on.

$20 now gives you Infinity GB of storage it seems, with those who’d shelled out more previously getting refunds of the difference, according to Android Central.

The move is widely thought to be a response to Apple’s iCloud, which is free to use, but gives you a 5GB cap.

The default cap on the Amazon Cloud Player is 5GB as well, but there’s always the $20 upgrade option. If you were going to spend money on MP3 downloads on your phone, you might as well get the unlimited deal thrown in as well.

The Amazon MP3 Android app is pretty neat – we love the fact that as well as being an MP3 vendor it functions as a decent player (complete with a lock screen widget) as well.

Still no sign of the Cloud Drive Player arriving over here yet. Come on Amazon this is the UK, the land of rain and grey skies. We invented clouds, get with the program.


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