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Amazon working on 8.9-inch Kindle Fire tablet?

We always let the iPad have all the fun when it comes to rumours, wildly guessing the specs, speculating on screen resolutions and release dates. Why can’t we give Amazon some of that love too? Sure, the Kindle Fire hasn’t even landed on US shores yet, but since when has a minor detail like that stopped anyone?

Digitimes reports that Amazon are looking to bring a version of the Kindle Fire with an 8.9” display. Amazon’s current display suppliers, CPT and LGD, are supposedly preparing for production of 8.9” panels. The current Kindle Fire has a 7” 1024×600 IPS display, and we’ve heard in the past that Amazon would be looking to bring a 10.1” version to market.

Digitimes don’t rule that out, but say if a 10.1” version were to materialize, it would be later in 2012 and that a 8.9” Kindle tablet would make it to market first.

Frankly we’d be quite happy with the 7” version. If only it had a UK release date…

Source: Digitimes


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