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If, unlike the Recombu team, you’re the kind of organised person who likes to buy Christmas presents early then there’s now an app for that. has just unleashed its Amazon app for iPhone, allowing you to browse and shop online practically anywhere – just in time for the yuletide rush.

The Amazon app works exactly as you would imagine; you log in, search for products and read customer reviews, as you would on your computer. You can also purchase items via Amazon’s 1-Click ordering service which instantly dispatches items to your default address. We could see ourselves spending a lot of money with this.

Another cool feature is the new ‘Amazon Remembers’ service. You take pictures of products with the camera and send them to the site, where they will be compared with images of the same similar products plus prices. We took a picture of a bottle of Seven Seas One a Day Cod Liver Oil tablets to test this out. Amazon Remembers managed to get back to us with results within a minute of us sending the pic, even when the data was being sent over a very weak 3G connection.

According to Amazon you can also track and change orders in the same way, but as we had no outstanding orders we couldn’t really have a play around with this. You can also access and edit your Wish List via the iPhone app which means you can leave unsubtle hints to your friends or partner about what you really want for Christmas this year. Download link.


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