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Analyst: More phone connections in the world than people

There are now over 6.92 billion phone connections worldwide, according to The Mobile World, with mobile phones taking up 5.6 billion of these.

Fixed line connections total 1.32 billion, and together these were calculated against the USA Census Bureau’s estimate for the population of the world, currently at 6.92 billion.

‘Global teledensity’ now stands at at more than 100%; this is the analysts’ way of saying that there is more than one telecom connection for every person in the world.

“While this figure does not imply 100% universal phone access, that goal is coming closer,” said John Tysoe,  principal analyst at The Mobile World.

“The industry continues to defy predictions that the rate of progress must slow: 2010 was the industry’s first trillion dollar year and produced more new customers than any prior year,” he added.

Last year, new connections reached a total of 677 million.

Given the excessive amount of pay-as-you-go SIM-cards in the Recombu office, we’d like to think we’re making a solid contribution to these figures.


Via: Total Tele, via: Monty


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