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Android 2.1: T-Mobile upgrade dates

As seen on the Google Nexus One (if you’ve bothered importing it from the US), Android 2.1 (aka Eclair) is trickling on to UK Android handsets with T-Mobile leading the way. If you’re itching to get multiple Gmail addresses feeding the same inbox, live wallpapers, extra homescreens and new-look navigation and photo galleries on your T-Mobile Android handset, then you’ll be pleased to know you’ll be getting them in the next two months.

T-Mobile are currently testing 2.1 on the G2 (which is the re-branded T-Mobile-own HTC Hero), and hope to have the software update out of the door in late April or early May.

T-Mobile Pulse Mini owners will be able to update slightly earlier, with a projected release date of 23rd April, but Samsung Galaxy Portal owners will have a longer wait until the end of May.

[via ElectricPig]