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Android 2.2 update comes to the HTC Wildfire on Three

One of the most popular phone reviews on the site, the HTC Wildfire is now getting a long-awaited upgrade to Froyo. Three have announced that their network’s Wildfire will be getting Android 2.2. Although it’s still not the newest version, it’s an appreciated upgrade. The download has been available since last week, though Three have said that some Wildfire users may need an extra software update, coming next week, before being able to upgrade to Froyo.

So what’s the big deal with Froyo if it’s not the latest? Well, Wildfire users will now be able to plonk their apps onto microSD cards, and use their phone as a cheeky WiFi hotspot.

Add to that Flash 10.1 and access to all that multimedia internet stuff, and automatic updates for all those apps now filling that microSD card.

HTC have proven pretty reliable when it comes to updating the Android innards of their phones. We’d like some Gingerbread on our HTC Desires, please!


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