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Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread update rolling out to unbranded Nexus Ones

Though it’s not the darling of the Android world it once was, the Google Nexus One is still a pretty respectable phone. Yes the internal memory is wimpy and the soft touch keys aren’t in any way as useable as the mechanical ones on the HTC Desire (basically the same phone but with HTC Sense).

But it’s still clearly getting some love from Google, who last night released an over-the-air update to 2.3.6 Gingerbread for the former flagship phone.

We understand that this update has started hitting unbranded, unlocked Nexus Ones; no word if it’s arrived on Nexuses bought on Vodafone contracts yet.

As soon as we saw this little update appearing in out notif bar we immediately installed it. Don’t hold your breath, it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich. We can’t see any immediate benefits from installing this; there’s no official word from Google on this, but we understand that this is mainly a security patch/minor bug fix.

The 2.3.4 update closed the loophole on a potentially disastrous security exploit. Almost as soon as we’d heard about that, Google announced that it was already on the case and had rolled out 2.3.4 soon after.

We can also verify that the 2.3.6 update to Nexus Ones doesn’t seem to hobble the Wi-Fi tethering option that some Nexus S owners experienced when they updated.

We managed to connect an iPhone 3G to the web via the Wi-Fi tether option with no problem; we’re trying this out on other devices and will let you know if we have any problems.

Update (1): We’ve been getting more than a few comments from you regarding the pinch to zoom function being removed from the gallery. This has happened to us too and is more than a little annoying.

In short, if you don’t want to lose pinch to zoom on your photos, don’t update just yet!

Update (2): We’ve also heard of issues regarding pairing Nexus Ones to Bluetooth devices such as headphones.

Update (3): Google has heard our cries and is looking into these issues now. We suggest you follow this thread on the Google Mobile Help Forum to hear of any more news/fixes.