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Android 2.4 due out in April

Android 2.4 looks set to debut earlier than expected according to a story posted on earlier today.

Viewsonic told the site that their ViewPad 4 smartphone would be shipping with Android 2.4 in April.

The Android update however won’t bring about a name change, 2.4 it seems is still to be called Gingerbread. This could be because of the functionality it adds, which isn’t much compared to the new features seen in previous updates.

Essentially Android 2.4 will allow compatibility with dual-core applications designed for Honeycomb, a.k.a Android 3.0 with single-core devices using 2.4. The latest version of Android; 2.3, found on the Google Nexus S cannot apparently do this so many manufacturers may be holding out for the update.

Pocket-lint’s source inside Viewsonic has explained that they think Ice Cream will arrive in the form of Android 3.1.

ViewSonic ViewPad specs were also announced, these include 720p video recording and playback and a 4.1” screen.

Google appears to be separating out OS updates between those continuing to use 2+ and the dual-core 3+ devices.


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