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Android 4.3 and white Nexus 4 expected on June 10th

Rumours and reports leading up to Google I/O suggested that we would see a new version of Jelly Bean, thought to be Android 4.3. Google’s keynote covered a wide range of topics, but there wasn’t an Android update to be seen despite the recent appearance of 4.3 in server logs. Android and Me hears from sources that Android 4.3 is still coming, but won’t see a release until June.

The site also managed to get its hands on the now famous white Nexus 4, saying that the phone really isn’t anything more than a white version of the existing Nexus 4. Don’t hold out hope for 32GB of storage or LTE, in that case. Android and Me goes on to say that the white variant will be made available through the Play Store on June 10th.

Better yet, Android 4.3 will accompany the white version of the phone. The publication says that the update won’t bring any huge new features, but it’s expected to bring support for Bluetooth Smart. That would equip Android with low-power Bluetooth abilities, so gadgets such as the Pebble smartwatch would draw much less power from handsets compared to older Bluetooth standards.

There’s no word on the availability of Android 4.3 for existing Nexus devices, but it would be pretty unusual for Google to leave devices like the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 out in the cold. The company will probably push out an wider update pretty quickly after Android 4.3 has been confirmed.


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