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The next version of Android is called KitKat

Google has long been rumoured to call the next iteration of Android “Key Lime Pie”, but it surprised the world last night when it officially announced that Android 4.4 would instead be known as “KitKat”. The advertising company is working in coordination with Nestle in the hopes of promoting Android on a mass scale.

The BBC says that no money changed hands in the deal between the two companies, but they’ll be working closely together to sell each other’s products. Nestle will soon release special edition KitKats with Android branding and opportunities to win special prizes from Google. Anyone who buys one of those KitKat bars could potentially win a Nexus 7 tablet or credit for the Play Store. All in all, 50 million bars with the special Android branding will be produced.

Google says the name was pitched by one of its employees, and decided to approach Nestle when it realized that most people didn’t know what key lime pie tastes like. A deal was then reportedly struck within 24 hours.

The brains behind Android also announced that the operating system has surpassed one billion activations. That milestone comes several months after Google revealed that it had reached 900 million activations around the world back at its I/O conference in May.


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