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Android App Player for BlackBerry Playbook leaks out

It’s an unstable version, and the swipe-based navigation needs work, but if you want it enough you can download an early built of the Android App Player, set to arrive on the BlackBerry PlayBook later this summer.

The Playbook will get both Android and BlackBerry Phone app ‘player’ later this year, but this the closest we’ve seen to the finish-line, and you can try it for yourself it you’re willing to sideload the player file using a DDPB installer, then change your PlayBook to developer mode.

We were lost already, but if you know what we’re talking about, you can download the file here.

It’s unofficial software, so you’re doing so at your own risk. it could be worth it we’re able to play all those Android apps we’ve already bought. It’s reportedly a little laggy, but it works.

According to N4BB, the Android Player is based on Android Gingerbread (2.3.3 version fans)- that’s the latest phone version, though not the made-for-tablet Android Honeycomb found on the likes of the Motorola Xoom.

Source: N4BB


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