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Android apps coming to Windows and Windows Phone?

Rumours that Android apps are coming to Windows Phone and Windows seem to be holding water.

Particularly through the eyes of Nokia, the gap between Windows Phone and Android has never been closer. In a recent report by The Verge, it would appear that Microsoft is seriously entertaining the idea of accommodating Android apps on both Windows and Windows Phone.

On the outside looking in, it’s easy to fit the pieces together. Nokia’s plans to release the Android-based Normandy are continuously gaining traction and Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella has an established background in the company’s cloud-based and mobile endeavours.


According to the report, ‘sources familiar with Microsoft’ claim that the Redmond-based company is seriously considering bringing Android support into both its desktop and mobile operating systems, primarily as a means to counter one of the biggest weaknesses in both platforms: apps.

Whilst Apple’s and Google’s respective mobile stores boast over a million applications a piece, the Windows Phone Store has only recently breached the 200,000+ mark, and that includes a drive in ‘apps’ which are in fact just links to the mobile versions of popular websites. The Windows store found on Windows 8 and 8.1 devices is in an even worse position, despite efforts from Microsoft to rally developers.

Android apps on Microsoft’s primary platforms may muddy the waters somewhat, confusing customers somewhat but ultimately, it’s a beneficial move and one that would swiftly rectify the app deficit currently experience by Windows and Windows Phone users alike.

Would you want Android app on your Windows devices? Let us know why it’s a good or a bad idea in your opinion in the comments.


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