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Android BBC iPlayer update on its way – 3G streaming included

Finally – well, almost. With the advent of an iPhone BBC iPlayer app comes a bit of a landmark for Android – streaming BBC iPlayer over 3G. The lack of 3G streaming has been the bain of past BBC iPlayer iterations thus far, with some data tarrifs being very data-generous or even unlimited (take Three’s One Plan for example). Soon however, the update will remedy this and bring the Android app up to par with its iOS counterpart.

Since its release, the Android iPlayer app has received some pretty major stick from users. Firstly with shoddy streaming, then a lack of 3G streaming and lastly for the lack of offline content. The update to enable 3G streaming is expected soon according to head honchos at the BBC, we’re hopeful we see it this week or next to keep disparity between OS iterations to a minimum.

What do we want next? Downloadable content for offline viewing please? This has been available on Symbian handsets for years, it’s high time it makes its way to handsets the majority of smartphone users are using. In the meantime, we’ll settle for 3G streaming and give you a heads up when the update lands.

Source: BBC Via: Twitter: @mobilemandan, coolsmartphone


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