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Android device activations from October 2008 to January 2011 visualised

Android has taken off in a big way since it’s launch in 2008. But despite tweets from Andy Rubin saying that over 300K Android phones are activated every day, nothing really puts the growth of the platform into perspective like a good old visualisation vid.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Android Developers, and shows global Android device activations from October 2008 to January this year.

It starts off with a global overview of Androids coming to life before focussing on specific regions like North America, East Asia and Europe. Seems like there’s a concentration of Android activity across Europe’s ‘blue banana‘, which is hardly surprising.

Nice as it is to see how far Android has come since the days of the G1, chances are if you showed this to your gran, she probably wouldn’t have a clue what an Android phone is.

Source: YouTube via Android Police


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