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Android finally overtakes iOS in mobile ad traffic

For the first time ever, Apple’s iOS has been overshadowed by Android in mobile ad traffic.

Android claims more ad traffic than iOS, according to a quarterly mobile advertising report released today. The report comes from mobile ad network Opera Mediaworks. It revealed that Android’s share of traffic is at 48.8 per cent across all mobile devices, whereas iOS’s share has shrunk from 43.4 per cent to 38.2 per cent.

The figures confirm the rise of Android, suggesting its smartphones and tablets are finally capable of challenging Apple’s iPhones and iPads. Mahi de Silva, Opera Mediaworks CEO, said: “With the Samsung S4 and other newer Android phones, you’re seeing more parity in users. The quality of the ads served on Android devices is also more at parity with iOS.”

For now, Apple still take the lead on making money of these ads. The iOS smartphones and tablets took in 52.3 per cent of revenues compared to Android’s 33.5 per cent. However, iOS’s share is down from 60 per cent in last year’s first quarter and Android made an improvement from 26.7 per cent last year.

de Silva explained that the smartphone war is really between Android and iOS as other mobile platforms, like Blackberry and Windows, are slowly declining. de Silva added: “It used to be that developers focused on iOS first. We’re starting to see they’ll be equally compelled to come out on both platforms.”

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