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Android Froyo 2.2 spotted running on a Nexus One: Oh, and there’s Flash 10.1 too

While the video below of Flash 10.1 is very nice and all that, the internet is aflutter with the fact that the Google Nexus One handset showcasing it appears to be running Android 2.2 aka Froyo. This is the first time we’ve seen Froyo get an outing, although we do know that Flash 10.1 is set to launch with the yoghurty OS update.

So what can we tell from this sneaky peek? Well, right at the end of the video, we get a glimpse of the homescreen which features an app launcher above the buttons, with a tutorial (which we suspect may be linked to the big green Android icon on the left in the notifications bar), and the universal search bar as we’re accustomed to on Android handsets.

Oh yes, and it’ll run Adobe Flash 10.1, of course – which we’ve got to say is looking pretty darn impressive. Loading times on Wi-Fi seemed super-speedy and video content and interactive animations all look great – check it out in the video below.

Who knows what other tasty treats Froyo will hold? But many UK Android users are still waiting on 2.1 (aka Eclair) so although we could be looking at a late May Froyo reveal, it could be quite a wait before we can be rocking Flash 10.1 on this side of the Atlantic.

[Android and Me via Engadget]


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