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Android gaming gets a new face: Snapdragon Game Command from Qualcomm

You’ve heard of Tegra Zone from Nvidia, now we’ve got a new gaming aggregator in town – Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Game Command. Showcasing the power of the Snapdragon processor range as found in almost every high end HTC device of late, Game Command will be out in early 2012 on Android devices sporting Qualcomm’s chip, acting as a discovery app for the Snapdragon Game Pack.

The Snapdragon Game Pack is comprised of 100+ games specifically optimized for mobiles with a Snapdragon processor, be it with exclusive content or optimised graphics.

Game Command is a multi-faceted game-center opening users up to discovering games, streaming game trailers then, once sold on them, offering an in-app store to buy the titles. Akin to the Android Market, there is a section within Snapdragon Game command titled “My Games”, displaying your purchased and downloaded games.

As mentioned, one key element of the Snapdragon Game Command is discovery. Each game featured has a clear indication highlighting how the game is optimised. There is also a gaming RSS reader pooled in from 10 feeds and completely un-moderated by Qualcomm.

While Snapdragon optimised games will be released for other platforms such as Windows Phone 7.5, the Game Command itself will be an Android Exclusive and should be available for your Qualcomm powered kit through the Android Market next month.

Source: Qualcomm press office