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Android Gmail app updated: Hassle-free attachments, ringtone labels, data-saving priority sync

First Google Maps, now Gmail, Google’s been busy with its mobile apps, offering up several new performance tweaks and new features.

The most useful one is the ability to download Gmail attachments- you no longer need a third-party file downloader, nor have to ‘preview’ the file.

There’s now the ability to use label notifications to assign ringtones to filters and labels, meaning you can deign certain email addresses important and given them the necessarily important sound. Similarly, you can also mute all those online shops and their latest mailouts.

Another addition for priority emails; you can set your account to only sync priority emails- though you may want to be certain which emails are identified as priority before switching to this.

Another feature that was curiously missing from the app, but available on web browsers, is the ability for the app to remember when you’ve chosen to “show pictures” from senders, a Gmail feature that avoids downloading huge (often pointless) JPEG files when using email on your phone.

They’re all very nice changes, and we’re looking forward to more. Maybe in time for that icecream sandwich update…


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