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Android Lollipop 5.1 rolls out with improved security

Google has rolled out an update to Android Lollipop and the Android 5.1 update brings a handful of new features with it, including improved security, native support for multiple SIM cards and HD voice calling. Here’s the biggest additions, and when you can expect to get it.

What are Android 5.1’s main features?

Device Protection, one of Android 5.1’s new features, will ensure your phone or tablet remains locked if it’s lost or stolen, no matter how many times the thieving dastard (or person who innocently finds it) tries to reset it. You’ll now need to sign in to your Google account to sign out of your mobile device, giving you a nice added layer of security.

High definition voice calling will let users with supported hardware, like the Nexus 6, make and receive calls with much higher quality audio. Google has also added dual SIM support, something that many Android phones – especially those in developing nations – already sport.

Android 5.1 will also provide new control options through your device’s Quick Settings menu, so you’ll be able to join new Wi-Fi networks and the like without digging through menus to try and find the correct option.

When will I get Android 5.1?

The update began rolling out yesterday and should make it to Google-branded devices first. So Nexus users should find it landing soon, if it hasn’t already.

If you’re on a Samsung, HTC or anything else, you may have to wait a while while your manufacturer adds in all their usual extra bits and pieces. The wait could be a month or two, or it could be FOREVER if your kindly manufacturer decides not to update your device. We’d imagine that most phones and tablets from the past year or two will receive the update eventually, however.


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