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Android marches on: 6 billion apps downloaded from Android Market

Google has just announced its figures for the second quarter, and many eyes were on Android. The main question seemed to be, just how well was the Google-made phone OS doing? The answer; pretty damn well.

Android now totals 130 million devices- we assume this includes the burgeoning Android tablets- with a jaw-dropping six billion apps now downloaded from the Android market.

According Google Mobile’s Vice President, Andy Rubin, who tweeted that 500,000 Android devices were activated every day at the end of June, this has been supplanted by yesterday’s announcement of 550,000 per day. That’s some stunning growth, and according to Rubin, it looks likely to continue at around this speed week-on-week, according to Rubin.

As smartphones continue to replace feature phones in countries like the UK, expect this rate increases, especially if Google follow through on their promises to simplify the baffling array of Android updates and offer 18 months of upgrade support from release day.

Several sub-£100 Android phones are now out, making them even more attractive to those switching across from simpler feature phones.

Via: TechCrunch


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