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Android Market 3.3.11 now being rolled out

Been hankering for a new version of the Android Market? No problem. Word is that a new version is being pushed to devices as of last night.

There’s no official changelog yet, but people have managed to spot some of the changes so far. You can look forward to finally having an option to have all apps auto-update rather than managing them individually, and there’s also the option to only update apps over WiFi. A nice touch if you don’t want to eat into your not-so-generous data allowance.

You can also ask the Market to automatically place a shortcut on your home screen for newly installed apps, and there’s lots of other little changes mixed in like a new app drawer icon, smaller fonts, and other general UI tweaks.

If your device hasn’t seen the update yet, head on over to the source link to grab the APK. You don’t need root to be able to install it, so you’re good to go. A word of warning for Honeycomb users though, it doesn’t seem to play nice with the tablet OS, so you might be better off waiting for the official update.

Source: Android Police via Phandroid


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