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Android Market app gets upgraded: Sharing and more featured apps

Admittedly already available for those willing to install the Android Market file itself (Google for it if you’re willing to try) but the new upgraded market is now available on selected handsets.

We’ve confirmed it works on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Nexus S, whilst elsewhere it also seems to be working on the Galaxy S. So far, so Samsung-centric.

The US has enjoyed the fruits of the new Market since July.

It adds some Google Plus sharing features, and matches the reclassified market that includes a chart for the top trending apps, and more featured apps and editors choice, hopefully helping you to navigate to the best apps Android has to offer.

Whilst the new market looks a lot glossier, we found it seems to run even zippier than previous versions.

Aside from “+1”ing your favourite apps, there’s also the option to share that brilliant game you’ve just discovered with all your mates, including Facebook, GMail, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Do you have the new-look Android market on your phone? Let us know in the comments. We’ll continue to update this story.


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