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Android Market breaks the 500,000 published apps barrier

To say that the popularity of apps has exploded would be an understatement, and now the numbers are in for the Android Market as of September. The Market managed to attain a whopping 500,000 published applications, which isn’t that far behind the 600,000 published on Apple’s App Store.

Curiously 37% of apps were removed from the Android Market over time compared to 24% on the App Store. Why? Apple’s rules and regulations for submitting to the App Store are a lot more stringent, which prevents developers from throwing up low quality apps. Meanwhile, developers on the Android Market take advantage of the flexibility to test the market, submitting trials and demos to gauge interest. The numbers back that up too – 78% of the apps removed from the Market were free.

Another interesting detail? Android developers are more active than ones on Apple’s platform. On average, Android publishers have placed six apps on the Market, compared to four by iOS devs.

The current total of live apps on the Android Market currently sits around 320k, while Apple confirmed recently that the App Store has over 500k.

Having plenty of choice is fantastic, but we can’t help but feel the quality isn’t quite there on the Android Market. More great games and less wallpapers/soundboards, please?

Source: BGR