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Android mini collectibles: A must for any self-respecting fanboy

The cutesy little Android character has finally made it to vinyl designer toy status, thanks to designer Andrew Bell . From ‘Regular Android’ to ‘Hazardous Android’ via ‘Off-to-work Android’, there’s a 3-inch character to suit every mood but, like most collectible designer toy series, the figurines are sold in sealed boxes so you won’t know which you’ve got until you’ve parted with the cash. There are twelve different designs in series one so it could take quite a while and quite a bit of money to get the full set together – there are even some rare chase editions to try and nab too. There’s something about Android that inspires fan-boyish behaviour, so we can see these little chaps selling like hotcakes as Android fans rush to collect the whole set.

The Android figurines will be available later this month from DYZPlastic and selected speciality retailers. [Source: Android Community via Android Central via Vinyl Pulse].