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Android music service to ship with Honeycomb

Chief exec of Motorola Mobility, Sanjay Jha has hinted at a Google music and video service that will ship with new Honeycomb-powered devices.

“If you look at Google Mobile services today, there’s a video service, there’s a music service – that is, there will be a music service.” Clarifying, he said, “it adds video services and music services”

Pocket Lint had previously reported on Google music service rumours in May 2010. The site explained that the Google takeover of Simplify Media could be used to power an Android music service.

September saw rumours escalate with Andy Rubin, chief of Android, in talks with record labels.

Android product manager Guarav Jain then gave an interview confirming the music service will launch with Honeycomb.

Google continues to build on what Apple has already done, first Android, then yesterday, the One Pass (a system of payment management for publishers, similar to Apple’s own recent announcement) and now a fully fledged music service.

Can’t wait, was bored of iTunes anyway.


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