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Android phone concept with flexible body: Morphy

We love a good concept phone design, but Android phone concepts are still noticeably scarce, which is a shame, given the propensity of most manufacturers to pump out black, squareish, samey handsets. (And get sued for it.)

According to designer Kirk Schneider, his concept phone, Morphy, is a “durable, rigid, yet pliable mobile phone that slowly changes shape inside the contours of your pants pocket over time, using your body heat. “

The idea is that the initially black and squareish phone, made from memory plastic, will curve and match the shape of your thigh, or where-ever you’ve stored the phone on your person.

Sadly still  a concept, given the thinness of the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S 2, the proportions are pretty realistic.

The Morphy would  reportedly use existing flexible circuit board and touchscreen technologies- perhaps the main issue is these pesky memory plastics…

Check out more pictures and details here.


Via: Android Community


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