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Android phones get Nintendo 3DS-style AR gaming: HoopsAR

More than the pop-up 3D effects we got from playing the normal gamecarts, we loved the augmented reality (AR) games found built into the Nintendo 3DS, and could imagine these types of games arriving on our smartphones soon.

Now Android is chasing Nintendo, with help from Qualcomm, and one of our favourite games released so far is Hoops AR. You’ll need to print out this basketball ticket. (Or be excessive like us and use your nearest tablet screen.) Then point your Android camera towards it, and it’ll flip-over revealing a basketball court and a fold-out hoop.

The game is simple- make the shot, choosing the power of the shot depending on where you’re on the court.

There’s also a few super-powered balls- a time-freezer, and a flaming shot and ‘big hoops’ ball all helping to get the best score you can within the time limit.

We were impressed by the good-looking character sprite, though obviously there’s not much else to tax your phone, and we could zoom in close or change the camera angle by swinging the phone around the ticket. We’re looking forward to seeing more intricate uses soon.


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