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Android-powered Android swallows Japanese creator

The Androids have become self aware, the insurrection has begun. This shocking picture shows an Android-powered Android turning on and ingesting its human master during a routine check up.

They’ve already proven that they’re adept at quick problem solving and have convinced a few of us to make wheeled palanquins for them. Now that they don’t need us any more, we’ve finally found ourselves on the menu.

This giant green Android-powered Android logo-shaped Android is the work of two Japanese companies, RT Corporaton and Brilliant Service.

The blog Robots Dreams (obviously willing converts to the cyborg cause) details how the Android features an Armadillo 500FX board with Android installed which “communicates via WiFi to an Android cell phone or PDA allowing the operator to control its movements remotely. Of course, the operator could be across the room or across the world.”

So the next time your Android phone is sitting at your desk and silently ‘auto-syncing’ it could in reality be remotely piloting a giant green death bin on the other side of the planet.

The video below shows the Android in action. It has its arm raised aloft in a gesture of solidarity to all other Android devices. Make sure you Android phone is turned away from your computer screen before clicking play and if you’re reading this from your Android phone, for your own sake, hit the back button now.

[Source: Robots Dreams via Engadget]


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