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Android-powered BlackBerry Torch running Motoblur is pure WTF

What on earth is this Frankenstein’s monster of a phone? A BlackDroid? A MotoBerry? This mishmash is obviously a Photoshop fail, where some poor sap pasted a screenshot of Motorola’s Motoblur custom UI onto a BlackBerry Torch. Obviously somebody was a little hurried in putting their Christmas promotions flyer together. Luckily it means the rest of us can have a jolly good laugh about it.

Just a few days ago somebody else also mistakenly pasted a screenshot of the iPhone version of Google Maps running on the decidedly Android-tastic Droid X. ‘Tis the season to make mistakes we suppose.

Source: Frandroid via An.Droid Life via PMPToday via UberGizmo via Gizmodo


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