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Android For Work lets you separate your office and personal lives

Android has taken a big step towards being a work-friendly OS, with the full launch of Android For Work, a program intended to let users keep their home life and work life separate on their mobile device.

The service will let users create Work profiles on their smartphone or tablet, which will keep all their work biz totally isolated and secure, and will also allow your work’s IT folk to kit your device out with official apps without worrying about data security or privacy.

In order to run the app you’ll need to be on Ice Cream Sandwich or later (ideally Lollipop if you want to get the full experience) and it will give you access to secure email, calendar, contacts, documents, browsing and access to your dedicated work apps too.

The app also lets users access Google Play for Work, which will allow both you and your IT bods to manage your corporate-friendly software, and rollout updates and new apps.

The usual work-related tools are included with Android For Work too, with business-ready versions of the aforementioned email, contacts and calendar playing nice with both Exchange and Notes.

Google’s obviously keen for its business suite to be a success and has received the backing from a number of high-profile names for the launch, including BlackBerry, SalesForce, Adobe, Box and VMWare, and virtually every high profile hardware manufacturer is on-board too, including Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG.

The service has undergone rigorous testing and is now ready for the big-time, so why not try bringing your work life to your mobile, rather than toting around two all day?


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