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Android regains market share over iPhone

Following huge sales for the iPhone 4S over Christmas, Android had its market share significantly dented. But latest figures from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reveal that the last few months have seen it’s market share increase.

 ComTech graph of smartphone manufacturer marketshare 

As reported by the Guardian, the figures relate to the 12 weeks leading up to 19th February 2012 and show that 48.5% of all smartphones sold in this time were Android. With smartphones making up 73.2% of all mobile phone sales,

Another interesting part of the research related to consumer loyalty, revealing that over half (54.1%) of smartphone owners upgrading in this time had switched platforms,  the biggest change was customers moving away from Symbian onto either Android or Apple iOS.

Further bad news for Symbian is that during this 12-week period, Windows Phone is catching up with 2.2% of sales compared to Symbian on 2.4% and the principle driver of Windows Phone sales was the Nokia Lumia 800 device accounting for 87%.

Looking at Apple’s figures, we can see its rise in share of sales over the Christmas peak to 34%, but then dropping back to 28.7% in more recent days. BlackBerry maker RIM saw a rise during the period of one per cent to 17.1%.

Kantar ComTech estimates that a huge 51.3% of the UK population now owns a smartphone and customer satisfaction levels were at there highest among these owners compared to those with feature phones.


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