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Android-Robo: Every Google gift shop should have one

If you grew up watching sci-fi films then you’ll share our disappointment about the current lack of robots in all our homes – it is the 21st century after all. All is not lost though, there are groups of people around the world building robots as we speak, in preparation of the robot-filled future we’ve all been hoping for.

Hideyuki Takei and Reo Matsumura, for example, have been busy making an incredibly cute Android robot that is controlled with an Android phone via Bluetooth. Hideyuki came up with the software and Reo built the robot. OK, it doesn’t do the dishes or help you with your homework but you want one, right? We certainly do.

We’re not sure if the Android-Robo is going to be available to buy but we think Google should sell these. Seriously, Google get on it.


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