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Android Sound Box streams your tunes, Bluetooth style

The fact that it took me under a minute to source images of Android bike jerseys, mugs and cakes, indicates just how much Android paraphernalia there is out there, but today, we were treated to something not even we could have foreseen – The Android Bluetooth Soundbox.

Taking on the guise of everyone’s favourite little green robot and doubling up as both a portable speaker and a handsfree kit, this is more than just a gimmicky figurine – this is fanboy gold.

Bluetooth 3.0 makes sure audio is as clear as can be while a 2W speaker on its undercarriage makes some mini but mighty noise. As you can see in the image above, a stand elevates the Android Sound Box to improve sound quality when on a solid surface.

Twisting the head lets you control the volume, pressing it answers a call and moving the arms satisfy every childinsh whim you were ever denied. We just came across this little guy today, but we’re going to try and get one in and when we do, we’ll give you a hands on.

In the meantime, check out MobileFun’s video and if you want to throw caution to the wind and bag yourself one, you can do so here.

Front view

Back view with mini USB charging port and power switch.

At the base is a speaker and the Android’s curved legs.

The head acts as both a button and a twistable switch.

The Bluetooth Robot Sound Box can be charged via mini USB.

The ring around the Android’s head illuminates red or blue depending on what you’re using the little green robot for.

The Soundbox is available for 19.95 at and has been well received so far with a 5 star rating user on their site.


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