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Android strengthens its grip on US phone market

comScore has just released its latest figures that show continued growth for both Android and iOS in the US smartphone market, with a combined market penetration of 71 percent.

Android continues to go from strength to strength as it nears 44 percent market share. Apple’s share seems to be slowing with smaller incremental changes. But with the recent iPhone 4S announcement there is every chance that figures will be boosted.

The gulf between Apple and RIM continues to grow with the former almost 10 percent ahead of their Blackberry rivals. The news gets worse for RIM who has dropped five percent to only a 19.7 percent market share overall.

Microsoft Windows Phoen and Symbian are also down, with the latter falling below  a two percent market share.

When it comes to smartphone manufacturers, Samsung and Apple are the only two seeing more consistent growth over the last few months. However, Samsung has the most market share at 25.3 percent.

This isn’t a trend that is continued across the Atlantic in the UK though. ComScore’s MobiLens research from the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain provided an insight into the UK market share enjoyed by major handset manufacturers which showed HTC leading the way in the UK with over 50 percent market share.

Via: SlashGear